Use Your Data

eLUMEN gives you access to your own SLO data at the course level, and also helps the College to assess degree/certificate SLOs and college-wide SLOs.  Check out the different ways you can access your own SLO data to see how SLO success rates have changed over time, or how your section compares to averages across all sections.   Look at higher-level degree/certificate data and college-wide results, disaggregrated by race/ethnicity, gender, and other variables, to see how well we are achieving learning outcomes more broadly at the institution.  Want more help or interested in specific data?   We love to help!!  Contact Logan Wood, faculty eLUMEN Data Steward at or your SLOAC division rep for individualized help.  

Course Level SLO Data

  • View Your Own SLO Results for Your Class through eLUMEN Results Explorer
    This can show you your class results, your class results in comparison to the average of other sections, and how this has changed over time. 
  • View SLO results for a course that has multiple sections, including disaggregated results by race/ethnicity, gender, and modality: Contact eLUMEN Data Steward Logan Wood at

Degree Level SLO Data

View SLO results for your degree/certificate, including disaggregated results by race/ethnicity, and changes over time:  Check back this summer for the PSLO Tableau Dashboard.

College-Wide SLO Data 

View SLO results for the college-wide SLOs, including aggregated and disaggregated by race/ethnicity and gender, and discussions of this data: ISLO Assessment