eLUMEN is an outcomes-assessment data management software system to support outcomes assessment at COM.  eLumen was rolled out at the College in 2017 and has been configured to fit the College Marin’s specific needs and goals.  Each semester, faculty input their student learning outcome assessment results for each course scheduled for assessment into the system.  Visit the department assessment plans to determine when a course is scheduled for assessment.    

Getting Help  

Visit the Faculty Toolkit for easy steps to access eLUMEN to assess course SLOs.   

Feel free to, contact Logan Wood, Faculty eLUMEN Data Steward (rwood@marin.edu), or your Faculty Division Representative for your department for additional support:

Faculty Division Representatives (2020-2021):

Farhad Zabihi
Math and Sciences, Health Sciences

Cara Kreit (Committee Chair) 
English Skills, English, Humanities, Philosophy, Communication, ESL, World Languages & Cultures, Counseling, CTE, Social and Behavioral Sciences, ESLN 

Logan Wood (eLUMEN Data Steward)
Fine and Performing Arts, Kinesiology, Health Education, ECE  

Nancy Willet (Curriculum Committee Liaison) 
Career Technical Education, BIS, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Accessing Results 

Course-Level SLO Assessment:   Faculty can access their own results, as well as average results across sections and over time for the courses they assess, using Results Explorer.   


eLUMEN is designed to protect faculty privacy. Only faculty are able to see assessment results for their course and section. They can not view assessment results of any other courses. Staff and administration do not have log in credentials to see any course assessment results. If any faculty need assistance from their division coordinator with scoring, proxy settings are enabled so they will see the coordinators name on the opening log in page, alerting them that this person has access to see their assessment results.

Staff and managers do not have sufficient permission to view instructor courses in the instructional portion of eLumen and likewise, faculty do not have sufficient permission to view context and settings in the non-instructional portion of eLumen.