College-Wide (Institutional) / General Education Program Outcomes

College-Wide (Institutional) SLOs diagram


COM has five College-Wide SLOs, which also serve as the General Education SLOs for the college.  These learning outcomes reflect the core competencies required for students who complete the GE program.    

  • Written, Oral, and Visual Communication: Effectively and critically understand and communicate visually, in writing, and orally using traditional and/or modern information resources and supporting technology. 
  • Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning: Locate, identify, collect, and organize data in order to then analyze, interpret or evaluate it using mathematical skills and/or the scientific method.
  • Critical Thinking: Differentiate between facts, influences, opinions, and assumptions to reach reasoned and supportable conclusions.
  • Information Literacy: Formulate strategies to locate, evaluate, and apply information from a variety of sources — print and/or electronic.
  • Cultural Awareness and Community Engagement:  Become ethically responsible, equity-minded participants in society, informed and involved in civic affairs and environmental stewardship locally, nationally, and globally.  Demonstrate understanding and appreciation of the diversity of cultural works, practices, and beliefs.
  • Personal and Professional Development:   Engage in healthful living and wellness physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially; enhance skills for the workplace and marketplace. 







With the introduction of eLUMEN to the college, College-Wide SLOs are now primarily assessed based on aggregated data gathered semesterly through the mapping from the course level SLOs (Instructional SLO Matrices) to these College-Wide SLOs.  Aggregated data is collected each semester through these maps so that the broader outcomes are assessed through the course-level outcomes within each program or department.   Beginning January 2021, with mapping in eLUMEN completed, aggregated data is reviewed yearly by the GE Committee.   

Archived college-wide SLO assessment results (2009-2017).